Pine Tree

560 837 marian

Pine tree, 1979. Silk-screen printing on paper, 60 x 40 cm. Artist’s print.


560 450 marian

Moss, 1977. Silk-screen printing on paper, 26 x 39,5 cm. Artist’s print.

View of the Amstel

560 427 marian

View of the Amstel, 1976. Silk-screen printing on paper, 38 x 49 cm. Limited Edition.

This edition is sold out.

Quote from “The Subject Matter in Painting (1986)“:

JM: Is it because a panoramic landscape would necessar­ily involve more of the traditional landscape painting and that would have something of the genre you want to keep a distance to, you do not want to make Vedutes or Views Of?

MP: Oh no. That is, I once made a real vedute in screen print and it was called View Of The Amstel and the whole edition was sold out very soon, haha, it had golden trees – bronze, actually.
It was based on a photograph taken from the roof of the former house of Cas Oorthuys, the photographer, just before it was demolished to make place for the Opera, in Amsterdam. But I did not do it on purpose I think. It was a mere coincidence and anyhow the title was given afterwards. And then some of my smaller paintings are panoramic but that is because they are painted outside.

Zo wordt het dan

560 597 marian

Zo wordt het dan, 1972. Silk-screen printing on paper, 49 x 49 cm. Artist´s own print.

Trillium (“Drieblad”)

560 785 marian

Trillium (“Drieblad”), 1990. Silk-screen printing on paper, 37 x 30 cm, Limited Edition 50 (printed by Artist).

A couple of prints are still available for purchase. Please contact us for more information.

Window (“Raam”)

560 716 marian

Window, 1979. Silk-screen printing on paper, 29 x 28 cm. Artist’s print.

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